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About Us

TecheHost initially focused on product development before establishing its ed-tech section. We offer all-encompassing solutions, including the first educational OTT platform to update your skill set, learning, internships, and job hunting.

Our Mission

No matter how different their educational and financial backgrounds may be, it is our mission to make education and experiential learning accessible and affordable to everyone. Because curiosity cannot be suppressed, we give students the power to demand things unlike any other platform or institution. You cannot confine learning to a book. Therefore, let’s move on and “build together.”

Our Services

Affordable online courses

Affordable online courses along with learning communities.

Job Guarantee Programs

Job guarantee programs or placement assistance.

Job Portal

An unparalleled job portal that rewards both recruiters and applicants.

On-Demand Courses

Provide on-demand courses across technologies like data science, machine learning, and AI.

Best in Class/Industry Mentors

Mentors are Youtubers, digital entrepreneurs and content creators.

Internship Portal

A revolutionary self-paced internship portal.


Techehost, a subscription based OTT platform.

Innovation Lab for Tech products

Product development at R&D lab with respect to robotics, drones, and customised products like electronic devices, AI on edge devices.


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