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ForgeRock- OpenAm, OpenDJ, OpenIDM

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Course overview:

ForgeRock is an open source identity and access management platform that provides several products including OpenAM, OpenDJ, and OpenIDM.
1. OpenAM provides open source Authentication, Authorization, Entitlement, and Federation software.
2. OpenDJ is a highly scalable, fully standards-compliant, 100% pure Java directory server delivering LDAP-compliant access to massive numbers of entries.
3. OpenIDM offers flexible, open source services for automating management of the identity life cycle.


What are the prerequisites for learning ForgeRock Identity Management (IDM).

  • Anybody can take up this online training course and get trained in ForgeRock .
  • ForgeRock  Basics would be the ideal.

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User Provisioning

ForgeRock IDM enables organizations to automate the process of creating, updating, and deactivating user accounts across various systems and applications. It provides self-service capabilities for users to manage their own profiles and access rights.

Identity Lifecycle Management

ForgeRock IDM supports the full lifecycle management of user identities, including user registration, onboarding, role-based access control, and offboarding processes. It allows administrators to define policies and workflows to ensure compliance and security throughout the identity lifecycle.

Access Control and Authorization

ForgeRock IDM provides granular access control mechanisms, allowing organizations to define fine-grained access policies based on user attributes, roles, and entitlements. This ensures that users have appropriate access privileges to resources and applications.

Self-Service Capabilities

ForgeRock IDM offers self-service features, empowering users to reset passwords, manage personal information, and request access rights without intervention from IT administrators. This reduces the burden on IT help desks and improves user experience.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

ForgeRock IDM supports various MFA methods, including SMS, email, push notifications, and hardware tokens, to provide an additional layer of security during user authentication.

Identity Synchronization and Federation

ForgeRock IDM allows organizations to synchronize identity data across multiple systems and directories, ensuring consistent and up-to-date user information. It also supports identity federation protocols such as SAML and OAuth, enabling single sign-on (SSO) capabilities across different applications.

Audit and Compliance:

ForgeRock IDM provides robust auditing and reporting capabilities to track user activities, monitor access controls, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

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ForgeRock- OpenAm, OpenDJ, OpenIDM
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